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    Cool Clothes for Summer Heat

    Fashion: It's always more fun in the summer! Get fresh with these fashions in flip-flops and frocks.

    15 Tips for Saner Swimsuit Shopping

    1. 1.Size up: You'll feel better if your suit is too first.
    2. 2.Go for comfort: In the store that is.
    3. 3.Tone down the trauma: Slather on some self-tanner.

    Body Protection for Summer

    Chic & Safe Summer Sunglasses
    Crystals. Bling. Glitz: A few top trends for safe summer eyes, say the experts. How can you rev up the summer style -- and still protect those peepers?
    Lip Service: How to Baby Your Kisser
    Protect and pamper those lips this summer. With sun-block and antioxidant-enriched lip treatments, your perfect pout is ready for a summer close-up!

    Summer's Better Body

    Fabulous Feet

    5 nice things to do for your feet.

    Mosquito Magnet?

    Tips to help keep the bugs at bay.

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