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    Summer Buyers' Guide: Clothing & Sandals

    Think J.Lo's sandals are cool? No matter what trendy summer clothing or footwear item you're ogling, this summer you can be as stylish as the A-list celebs -- without being a fashion victim.

    Sandals with Style

    Flip-flops aren't just for showering at public places anymore. This summer (like last summer), you'll see grosgrain flip-flops strolling through the mall, metallic leather sandals at restaurants and strappy, beaded thongs anywhere feet are.

    But don't be fooled by style alone. There is nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes and the havoc they can wreak on your feet -- especially in summer!

    "Look for flip-flops and sandals that are comfortable and stylish," says Oliver Zong, DPM, a podiatrist with offices in New York City and Scarsdale, New York. "If you need arch support or have flat feet, go for something that's not pancake flat or you will end up with heel or arch pain," he says.

    "Look for a wedge where the back of the heel is raised, as this is more supportive than the pancake-flat variety," he adds.

    "Some times, flip-flop thongs can irritate the big toe and second toe, so if you have irritation issues, look for a sandal toe or a thongless flip-flop," Zong says. What's more, flip-flops and many sandals are backless, so you can develop heel calluses and fissures," he says. To avoid this, keep your feet lubricated with moisturizer.

    According to American Podiatric Medical Association, your summer flip-flips should be made of natural materials such as leather. Make sure straps aren't too tight -- that can impede circulation in your feet.

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    Reviewed on April 01, 2006
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