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    Healthy Beauty

    Videos Related to Healthy Beauty

    1. Video: Tips for Soft, Luscious Lips

      Chapped lips are a pain just begging for a good balm. Here’s how to make them soft and kissable.

    2. Video: Shaving Tips for Women

      Have you nailed down a shaving strategy? Sharpen up your routine with these tips.

    3. Video: How to Protect Your Eyes From the Sun

      The sun’s so bright, you gotta wear shades. Here are some simple ways to avoid those harmful rays.

    4. Hair Care Video: Protect Your Locks From Summer’s Heat and Humidity

      Heat, humidity, and chlorine can wreak havoc on your locks. Here’s how to protect your hair from the harsh summer weather.

    5. Video: What's the Best Type of Sunscreen?

      Fire isn’t the only thing you can play with and get burned. Whether it's lotion or spray, find a sunscreen that will block harmful rays.

    6. Healthy Lip Tips

      Want fuller, softer, more kissable lips? We’ll show you how.

    7. Teeth Whitening

      Think a great smile is out of reach? Wrong! Our experts share their secrets.

    8. Video: Exfoliate Your Skin

      Check out what an exfoliating brush does to the topmost layer of dead skin cells.

    9. Video: Gray Hair

      Your first gray hair can be upsetting. So why does your hair lose its color as you age?

    10. Video: What They Don’t Tell You About Breast Implants

      Want a bigger cup size? Are breast implants right for you? Rack your brain on a few facts that no one tells you.

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