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Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Nose Test

Better Care for Bipolar Disorder?

Mood swings can be a challenge to treat. Can the cells in your nose lead to better treatment for bipolar disorder?

Mood Swings in Bipolar Disorder

Dealing With Mood Swings

Don’t let mood swings take you by surprise — and run the risk of getting worse. Watch for these triggers.

Mental Health Clubhouse

Mental Health: Joining the Clubhouse

Along with medication, a supportive environment helps people with bipolar disorder get their lives back. See how it works at one mental health clubhouse.

Reducing Stress: Top Strategies to Try

Coping With Stress

3 Ways to Manage Stress

Stress can make mental illness worse. Our expert shares his three top tips on reducing stress and boosting your health.

Keep Stress from Building Up

Keep Stress From Building Up

Starting to feel stressed? Use these four strategies to keep yourself from getting overloaded.

Boosting Your Mental Health

Art and Mental Health

Art Therapy: Using Your Imagination to Stay Well

It won’t take the place of medication, but some people with mental illnesses may find that creating art can raise self-esteem and make them feel better.

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