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    Bipolar Medication Tips

    Medication can control bipolar symptoms of mania and depression. But it can take time to find the right one.

    Managing Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

    Bipolar Disorder and Depression
    For some people with bipolar disorder, depressive periods can be intense. Learn how to recognize symptoms of depression.
    What Triggers Your Mood Swings?
    Even people who take their bipolar medication can have mood swings occasionally. Learn how to catch them early.

    Bipolar Disorder: Finding Support and Treatment

    Getting The Help You Need for Bipolar Disorder
    Coping with bipolar disorder means you’ll need treatment and support from friends, family, and doctors. Here’s how to get the help you’ll need.
    Telling Loved Ones About Bipolar Disorder
    When you have bipolar disorder, strong relationships are crucial to staying healthy. Find out how to talk about bipolar with family and friends.
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