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    Bipolar Disorder

    What Can I Expect After Bipolar Disorder Treatment?

    For most people, a good treatment program can stabilize moods and provide symptom relief.

    Ongoing treatment is more effective than dealing with problems as they come up. People who also have a substance abuse problem may need more specialized treatment.

    Bipolar Disorder and Suicide

    Some people who have bipolar disorder may become suicidal.

    Learn the warning signs and seek immediate medical help for them:

    • Depression (changes in eating, sleeping, activities)
    • Isolating yourself
    • Talking about suicide, hopelessness, or helplessness
    • Acting recklessly
    • Taking more risks
    • Having more accidents
    • Abusing alcohol or other drugs
    • Focusing on morbid and negative themes
    • Talking about death and dying
    • Crying more, or becoming less emotionally expressive
    • Giving away possessions

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    Reviewed by Joseph Goldberg, MD on November 21, 2015
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