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Daily Routine May Help Bipolar Disorder

Study Shows Regular Sleeping and Eating Patterns May Help Stabilize Patients

A Holistic Approach continued...

"It is clear that medication can take you only so far," she says. "An effective wellness strategy for bipolar disorder and depression has to go beyond that. We know that we have to get enough sleep and understand our triggers. And travel can be problematic."

Bergeson watched her sister Barbie battle undiagnosed bipolar disorder for years. Five years ago, Barbie took her own life, a few months after her disease was finally identified.

"She had been misdiagnosed for years," Bergeson says. "She had gone through decades of struggle with no light to be seen, and she was just worn out."

Her sister's suicide led Bergeson to learn as much as she could about her own illness and become a voice for others with depression and bipolar disorder.

"It is not OK that so many people die of this," she says.

She recommends a holistic approach to treatment that includes drug therapy, talk therapy, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Bergeson says paying attention to routine doesn't mean life has to be boring.

"In fact, I just got back today from a trip to Las Vegas," she says. "I can have a good time and do fun stuff just like anybody else. I just have to make a plan and think it through and take steps to minimize the impact."


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