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    Bipolar Disorder: Hypomanic Episodes - Topic Overview

    Hypomanic episodes can occur in people who have mood disorders. Hypomanic episodes are less severe than manic episodes, although a hypomanic episode can still interfere with your ability to function properly.

    Hypomania may be diagnosed if:

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    • A distinct period of elevated or irritable mood occurs in which the mood is clearly different from a regular nondepressed mood.
    • Three or more of the following symptoms last for a significant period of time:
      • Inflated self-esteem or unrealistic feelings of importance
      • Decreased need for sleep (feels rested after only a few hours of sleep)
      • Talkativeness
      • Racing thoughts or flight of ideas
      • Being easily distracted
      • An increase in goal-directed activity (work or personal)
      • Irresponsible behaviors that may have serious consequences, such as going on shopping sprees, engaging in increased sexual activity, or making foolish business investments
    • The mood or behavior change is noticeable to others.
    • The episode is not severe enough to cause impairment in social or job functioning and does not require hospitalization.
    • The symptoms are not caused by substance abuse.

    If you feel that you or someone you care about may be experiencing a hypomanic episode, contact your doctor to discuss the possible causes and the treatment options.

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