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  1. Benefits of Antidepressants in Autism Overstated?

    April 23, 2012 -- Antidepressants probably don't help kids with autism as much as has been believed, a new research review shows. Kids with autism often repeat certain words or gestures. They might rock back and forth, or rapidly flick a hand over and over again. Or they may become fixated on a sing

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  2. Mom's Health While Pregnant Linked to Autism Risk

    April 9, 2012 -- Women who are obese and/or have diabetes or high blood pressure during pregnancy may be about 60% more likely to have babies with autism, a new study suggests. While the new research points to an association between mom's health during pregnancy and autism, it's important to note th

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  3. Autism Hits 1 in 88 U.S. Kids, 1 in 54 Boys

    March 29, 2012 -- One in every 88 U.S. children -- and one in 54 boys -- has autism, the CDC now estimates. The latest analysis, from a 2008 survey, shows autism is up 23% since 2006 and 78% since 2002. "This is a large number of children and families affected by autism," study leader Marshalyn Year

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  4. Autism Hurts Family Incomes

    March 19, 2012 -- Families of autistic children in the U.S. earn almost $18,000 less, on average, than families of normally developing children. And the mom’s pay takes the biggest hit, a new study shows. Mothers with autistic children earned less than half that of moms whose children had no health

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  5. Telltale Signs of Autism as Early as 6 Months

    Feb. 17, 2012 -- Differences in brain development may be evident as early as age 6 months in children who go on to develop autism, according to new research. In the study, children later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) had abnormal development of the white matter in the brain, says res

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  6. The Flutie Family Tackles Autism

    Doug Flutie Sr., 49, reaches his goals on the field and off. "For whatever reason, people have the feeling I can get things done," the Heisman Trophy winner says. Maybe they remember the former quarterback's famous heart-stopping, last-second Hail Mary pass in 1984 to win the Orange Bowl for Boston

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  7. Why Some Children May 'Grow Out' of Autism

    Jan. 23, 2012 -- Some kids with autism will no longer qualify for that diagnosis as they grow older. Now a new study shows that whether or not a child “outgrows” their autism may be related to the number and severity of other physical and psychological problems that are part of their original diagno

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  8. Blinking May Yield Clues About Autism

    Dec. 12, 2011 -- When and why children blink may provide researchers some important clues about how children with autism process and take in information. Although it may not feel like it, blinking interrupts what we are watching. If a story or scene is engrossing, we can keep our eyes peeled. This i

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  9. Prozac May Lessen Autism Symptom in Adults

    Dec. 2, 2011 -- The antidepressant Prozac appears to be useful for treating a defining symptom of autism spectrum disorder -- repetitive, compulsive behavior. In a newly published study involving autistic adults, half of those who took Prozac (fluoxetine) experienced meaningful declines in repetitiv

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  10. Autistic Kids May Have More Cells in Some Brain Areas

    Nov. 8, 2011 -- New research highlights some potentially important differences in the brains of children with autism. The small study found that boys with autism had an average of 67% more brain cells called neurons in the prefrontal cortex region of their brains, when compared with children who did

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