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Measles-Mumps-Rubella Shots Under Fire at Autism Hearing

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April 25, 2001 (Washington) -- A report that virtually cleared the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine as a possible cause of autism came under withering attack on Capitol Hill Wednesday, with legislators questioning the document's accuracy and integrity. Chairman Dan Burton (R-Ind.) of the House Committee on Government Reform said the analysis was a "disservice to the American people."

The study, which was published Monday, said that the universally used preventive shot apparently doesn't cause the incurable brain disorder.

Still, the panel of experts assembled by the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine (IOM) couldn't completely rule out the link between the disease and the vaccine in a small number of children. The ambiguity of the findings infuriated Burton, who is holding two days of hearings this week on the skyrocketing rate of autism in the United States.

"You put out a report to the people of this country, saying the [MMR vaccine] doesn't cause autism ... and then you've got an out in the back of the thing, and you can't tell me, the committee chairman, under oath, that there's no causal link, because you just don't know, do you?" Burton asked Marie McCormick, MD, ScD, of the Harvard School of Public Health and IOM panel chairwoman.

"I don't know," responded McCormick after saying earlier that the door was still open and that the theory had not been disproved. Her brother, incidentally, has two autistic children.

It's estimated that the number of children affected by this condition has grown from 4 per 10,000 five years ago to one in 500 children today. The symptoms range from violent behavior to total withdrawal.

Burton's grandson Christian reportedly developed the disease after receiving vaccines that are routinely recommended by federal health officials. And the public figure has adopted the vaccine safety issue as a political and personal crusade.

The congressman was also angered that two of the report's reviewers are believed to have had financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. The IOM's committee on immunization safety was created as an independent body without conflicts of interests.

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