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    Responding to Dementia or Autism

    What It's Like to Have Dementia
    Recognizing and decoding symptoms of dementia can help you communicate better with your loved one. Here's how.
    What It's Like to Have Autism
    Autism profoundly alters how your loved one sees the world. Learn more about what autism symptoms mean and how you can help as a creagiver.

    Brain Disorders & Injuries: Keeping Your Loved One Safe

    10 Ways to Prevent Wandering
    Wandering can be a problem with autism, dementia, Down syndrome, and head injuries. Use these tips to feel more confident about your loved one's safety.
    Gadgets & Strategies That Boost Safety
    Techniques and products that can help you keep your loved one safe and help them maintain or gain independence.
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    How do you prevent your loved one from getting lost?