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Surgery: Can this be a cure for Epilepsy?

CASE 7: continued...

 As with all surgical procedures, epilepsy surgery carries with it a small risk of infection as well as bleeding. The length of recovery varies from person to person but most children and young people recover quickly, spending 1-3 weeks in the hospital and resuming their usual activities within a month of hospital discharge. Again, the most important thing to remember is that epilepsy surgery is a safe and efficacious treatment for refractory patients. It is appropriate even in the setting of severe developmental delays, widespread areas of abnormality and neurocutaneous syndromes. Results must be measured in improvement in quality of life and not just in seizure freedom. The courageous children and parents who embark upon this strategy in search of a better quality of life, independence, and freedom from disabling seizures and their medications must be cared for by a team of trained and experienced professionals, with careful deliberation and testing both before, during, and after the procedure.


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