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    1. Epilepsy and the Spinal Tap

      One test for epilepsy is the spinal tap, which can measure pressure on the brain, the presence of abnormal cells or bacteria, and glucose levels. WebMD explains why and how the procedure is performed.

    2. Parkinson's Disease and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

      WebMD describes the symptoms of a rare neurogenerative disease called progressive supranuclear palsy.

    3. The Stages of Parkinson's Disease

      WebMD provides an overview of the five stages of Parkinson's disease.

    4. National Caregiving Organizations for Alzheimer's Disease

      WebMD provides a list of national caregiving and advocacy organizations to help you care for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease or another illness.

    5. Essential Tremor Resources

      WebMD provides a list of online resources for information on essential tremor.

    6. What Causes Parkinson's Disease?

      WebMD explains the possible causes of Parkinson's disease.

    7. Signs and Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

      WebMD explains the classic symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

    8. ADHD Medication Titration Process: What to Expect

      The process of titration with ADHD medication. Learn how and why your doctor may adjust your child's medication dosage and what to expect during this process.

    9. Autism Patient Education Center

      Helpful resources about Autism including interactive tools, message boards, clinical trials and more.

    10. Understanding Seizures and Epilepsy

      WebMD explains various types of seizures, including those not caused by epilepsy.

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