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    1. Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

      The details about this rare form of epilepsy.

    2. Epilepsy Treatments: Find the Right Medication

      WebMD helps you navigate epilepsy medications to find the most appropriate one for you.

    3. Finding Help for Multiple Sclerosis

      From connecting to a doctor who specializes in multiple sclerosis to just chatting with someone else with the disease, WebMD helps you connect with these resources.

    4. What’s the Difference Between ALS and MS?

      Do you know how ALS and MS differ? Get the facts on these two diseases.

    5. Silent Stroke: What You Need to Know

      If you've had a silent stroke, how would you know? WebMD explains some of the signs, along with causes and risk factors.

    6. Essential Tremor and Deep Brain Stimulation

      Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is used to treat a number of movement disorders, including essential tremor. WebMD tells you more.

    7. The Right ADHD Treatment for You

      Which drugs treat adult ADHD? Will counseling help? Get insights.

    8. Drug Combinations to Treat ADHD in Children

      WebMD explains drug combinations that are used to treat children and teens with ADHD.

    9. Understanding ADHD -- Diagnosis and Treatment

      Learn more from WebMD about the diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

    10. Long-Term Risks of Adult ADHD Medications

      Find out how to weigh the risks and benefits of taking medicine for ADHD.

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