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Nicotine Patch May Improve Memory in Pre-Dementia Patients

Small Study Shows Significant Benefits in Memory

How the Patch Works

The patch used in this study is different from patches commonly available in the U.S., says Newhouse.

“They don’t dump nicotine [into the bloodstream] as quickly as American patches. Instead, they release it more slowly. For our study, they worked particularly well,” he says.

Newhouse says that nicotine appears to help the brain consolidate memory. By that he means the process of taking in information and permanently storing it in the brain for future recall.

“Memories need to be encoded, stored, and retrieved, and all of these steps can have problems,” says Newhouse. “It looks like nicotine helps that process. Patients in the study did not remember more right away, but they forgot less over time.”

More Research Needed

While the results of the study are promising, Newhouse says it will take a much larger study, one that includes hundreds of patients, to draw real conclusions about nicotine’s potential to restore memory loss and to protect against disease. He is optimistic.

“There’s strong interest now, and we understand the biology much better,” Newhouse says.

Both Newhouse and Grill say researchers in the field are pushing hard to identify the onset of dementia at earlier and earlier stages, in hopes of finding ways to halt its progress and prevent the devastation of the disease. Doing so, however, will require new methods of studying how patients react to treatments.

“As our field moves earlier in the disease process, our current tools may not have the sensitivity to measure the results,” says Grill, who is encouraged by the current study. 

“I’d have to put myself in the camp of optimism,” he says. “We need treatments for the millions of people with mild [memory loss], and we don’t have any FDA-approved treatments.”


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