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    Quizzes Related to Brain and Nervous System

    1. Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Brain?

      Try this quiz to see how much you know about brain cells, brain size, and more.

    2. Quiz: The Truth About Childhood ADHD

      Take this quiz to test your knowledge of childhood ADHD symptoms, medications, other treatments, and how ADHD affects children and adults.

    3. Take Your Brain for a Spin!

      What causes vertigo? What you can do about it? Keep your head on straight to find out fun facts about dizziness and balance.

    4. Quiz: Help Your ADHD Kid's Behavior

      Is your ADHD kid unable to sit still? Does she have problems focusing? Take this quiz to learn how to help motivate him.

    5. Quiz: Help Your ADHD Teen's Behavior

      Does your ADHD teen show unruly or disorganized behavior? Take this quiz to see how you can help him or her be more productive.

    6. Quiz: What Do You Know About Strokes?

      How much do you know about strokes? Find out in this WebMD quiz.

    7. Is ADHD a learning disability?

      Answer this question to find out more about children with ADHD.

    8. Quiz: Test Your ADHD Smarts

      Find out how much you know about adult ADHD with this quiz.

    9. Quiz: Alzheimer’s Myths and Facts

      Does aluminum cause Alzheimer's? Can red wine or crosswords help you avoid it? Learn to tell the myths from the facts in this quiz.

    10. ADHD Quiz: How Can You Help Your Child in School?

      If your child has ADHD, school can be tough. Take our quiz to find out how schedules, notes, and homework breaks can help.

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