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    1. Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Understanding Stroke

      Pictures help explain the symptoms, causes, and dramatic lifesaving treatments for stroke -- including when to call 911.

    2. Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Multiple Sclerosis

      Learn more from this WebMD slideshow about multiple sclerosis, or MS -- its cause, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and other facts.

    3. Slideshow: ADHD in Children

      Does your child fidget a lot and can't seem to pay attention in school? Those are some of the signs of ADHD. See what all the symptoms are like and find out how it's treated.

    4. Slideshow: When a Loved One Has Alzheimer's Disease

      WebMD's caregiver's guide to understanding Alzheimer's disease symptoms and stages. Includes tips to avoid caregiver burnout.

    5. ADHD in Women and Girls

      Women and girls have ADHD, but the signs may be more subtle. WebMD tells you how it may present itself in females.

    6. Weird Body Quirks Slideshow

      Who hasn't had an ice cream brain freeze, or been awakened by the pain of a charley horse? What's behind these weird body quirks, anyway? Find out.

    7. Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Parkinson's Disease

      Tremors and frozen muscles are typical Parkinson's symptoms shown in our comprehensive slideshow about the disease.

    8. 10 Best Foods for MS

      What you eat can make a big difference with your MS. Here are some of the foods that can keep you feeling good.

    9. MS and Your Brain: 10 Ways to Stay Sharp

      When MS causes problems with thinking and memory, use these tricks to keep yourself on task and on time.

    10. Make an MS-Friendly Home

      Being at home with your MS means creating a space that's comfy, cozy, and works for you. This slideshow shows you how.

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