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    Understanding Fainting -- Diagnosis and Treatment

    What Are the Treatments for Fainting?

    If you are with someone who faints, there are a number of things you should do. If he or she is sitting, carefully support them in a bent position, with their head between their knees.

    If he or she is lying down, position them on their back and raise their feet higher than their head. Turn their head to the side, so that their tongue does not accidentally block their breathing and so that any vomit will not cause choking. You may try reviving them by putting a cold, wet washcloth on their face or neck. If they feel cold to the touch, cover them with a blanket.

    Once they regain consciousness, do not allow someone who has fainted to get up immediately. Elevate the person's feet. If he or she was lying down, wait several minutes before asking them to sit up. Ask them to sit for several minutes before standing. Then be prepared to support them in case they faint again when they stand.

    If you suffer from episodes of fainting, the type of treatment your doctor offers will depend on the cause of your fainting spells and how often you experience them.

    Infrequent non-heart related fainting may not need to be treated.

    You may be given certain medications to manage the underlying problem, or if you have an irregular heartbeat you may require a pacemaker.

    In certain instances, you may be asked to wear support hose that help keep your blood pressure in balance or to increase your salt intake, which increases blood volume.

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