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  1. Breast Cancer Treatment: Weighing the Hormonal Options

    To Kathryn Anderson, the hormonal treatment tamoxifen offered a new lease on life. A survivor of breast cancer, she had been through two surgeries, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy when her doctors put her on tamoxifen. Anderson is not alone. In the 25-plus years since tamoxifen became a mainstay

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  2. Breast Cancer Research: Milestones

    For every milestone in breast cancer research, there are countless men and women to thank. Through their creativity and dogged determination, women have hope in preventing, living with, even curing breast cancer. Here are just a few of these courageous researchers, who bucked traditional thinking an

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  3. New Approaches to Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

    The news just keeps getting better for women with breast cancer -- whether they're in the early or late stages of the disease. While there hasn't been one particular breakthrough responsible for the change, Georgiana Ellis, MD, a professor of oncology at the University of Washington, Seattle, tells

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  4. Breast Cancer: Diet Tips

    There are many good anti-nausea drugs today, so not every woman has a severe problem. Still, even mild or moderate nausea is enough to ruin your diet! Between the treatment and the stress, many of us turn to comfort foods that settle the stomach: mashed potatoes, crackers. But there are healthier al

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  5. Love, Intimacy, and Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer may bring challenges in love, sex, and intimacy. Read answers to common questions for women with breast cancer. This diagnosis can make or break a marriage. You'll find that you have a better marriage after breast cancer, or you'll have no marriage. Fortunately, most women find the dia

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  6. Breast Cancer: Answers to Your Questions

    We all ask this question, even if only in our minds. The difficult truth, of course, is that no one can give you a guarantee -- not your surgeon, not your oncologist. But you have far better odds than you may think. Most women with breast cancer in the U.S. survive more than five years, the yardstic

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  7. Your Best Breast Cancer Screening Today

    Mammograms, breast self exams, and clinical breast exams may not be new in the breast cancer screening landscape, but there have been recent confirmations or changes in policies regarding each test. Many national health groups decided to review the largest, most significant studies on breast cancer

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  8. The Guy's Guide to Breast Cancer

    In August 2001, Jackie Thomas was diagnosed with breast cancer and quickly had surgery and started chemotherapy. Her husband, Michael, a Lutheran minister with a background as a chaplain at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha found that his experience counseling others through illness

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  9. Cutting-Edge Breast Cancer Therapy

    There's no doubt that breast cancer treatment has made great strides in recent years. A diagnosis of breast cancer is no longer a death sentence, and the treatment is no longer more painful than the disease. Today, women with breast cancer live longer -- and better -- than ever before. Many are comp

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  10. Hope on the Horizon for Advanced Breast Cancer

    The statistics are comforting and well-known: When breast cancer is detected and treated in its early stages, 86% or more of women survive at least five years. What about women who have advanced breast cancer? What about women who are diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer, in which a number of lymp

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