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    1. Cutting-Edge Breast Cancer Therapy

      There's no doubt that breast cancer treatment has made great strides in recent years. A diagnosis of breast cancer is no longer a death sentence, and the treatment is no longer more painful than the disease. Today, women with breast cancerlive longer -- and better -- than ever before. Many are compl

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    2. Hope on the Horizon for Advanced Breast Cancer

      The statistics are comforting and well-known: When breast cancer is detected and treated in its early stages, 86% or more of women survive at least five years. What about women who have advanced breast cancer? What about women who are diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer, in which a number of lymp

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    3. Mammography Still the 'Gold Standard' for Breast Cancer

      March 8, 2001 (Washington) -- Despite its flaws, traditional mammography remains the best way of finding a deadly breast cancer. That's the primary conclusion of an expert panel that reviewed 17 other detection systems, including computer-aided approaches like digital mammography. "With all of its l

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    4. Living With Cancer

      Oct. 30, 2000 -- The day that forever changed Bonnie McDonald's life started out like any other. It was a typically hectic Monday morning last spring when the 37-year-old decided to grab a quick shower. She'd gone for a run after dropping her son off at school and was about to rush off to her part-t

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    5. Not for Women Only

      Oct. 23, 2000 -- John Cope was at a business meeting one Saturday in 1987 when he noticed that his left nipple was rubbing against his shirt and itching continually, "as if I had a mosquito bite." Later that evening, he pulled off his shirt and realized that the nipple was inverted, instead of protr

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    6. Getting Tough About Breast Cancer

      Sept. 1, 2000 -- It's mid-morning on a sunny San Francisco day, and a small band of demonstrators gathers in front of a grocery store to stage a protest against genetically engineered food. The scene is earnest but surreal: There's a guy dressed as a can of Campbell's "Experimental Vegetable Soup" a

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    7. Battling Breast Cancer

      June 12, 2000 -- In Faith Fancher's house, high in the hills above San Francisco Bay, her cat Lazarus tiptoes around the living room. Here and there, framed photographs testify to Faith's 27 years as an award-winning TV news reporter. As in television, each picture tells a story: There's Faith, smil

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    8. Looking for High-Quality Mammography

      April 3, 2000 (Chantilly, Va.) -- If ever there were a case for strength in numbers, mammography may be it, say breast cancer experts. Women seeking mammograms can find the highest quality screenings from radiologists and doctors who have years of experience performing and reading mammograms on a da

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    9. Missing the Diagnosis

      April 3, 2000 (Chantilly, Va.) -- Carol Fubini thought she was safe from breast cancer after her radiologist reported that her latest mammogram showed no evidence of the disease. Then 43, Fubini had received similar reports after three other mammograms over the previous five years. Her latest, she t

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    10. Fighting Cancer With Exercise: One Woman's Story.

      April 3, 2000 (Nederland, Colo.) -- Of the hundreds of bike races Karen Hornbostel has entered, the memory of a certain competition in the mountains of Colorado is especially vivid. "The course climbed up and over a high pass," she says. "About the time we started descending -- still 15 miles from t

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