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    Me and the Girls: Jenee Bobbora


    Adjusting to her new appearance took some work.

    "When I first saw my scar, I was like, 'Oh, this is just so attractive.' You have to accept it. It is what it is, and you have to try to find a way to make yourself feel attractive," Bobbora says.

    She wears breast prostheses every day that slip into her bra or tank tops.

    "The prostheses are actually pretty nice," Bobbora says. "They're silicone and they're not heavy and they come in all sizes... The first ones I got were huge! I don't know what I was thinking," she says. "As time has gone by, I'm like, OK, calm down. I got some smaller ones."

    Bobbora says her husband, Bill, has been supportive of her choices. "He's either the best actor in the whole world or it just has not even phased him. And probably, it's a little bit of both. He's been a complete doll or a gentleman."

    Help with family: When Bobbora was diagnosed, her daughter, Jenna, was 2 years old. "Help with my child was huge for me, that someone would pick her up and take her to Chuck E. Cheese. I didn't feel like she was having to not be a child because her mom has cancer."

    When offering help, Bobbora recommends making specific offers, like offering to bring a meal over or helping with children. "I think being specific and offering specific things -- can I help with X -- is a great way to treat people when they're ill," she says.

    Finding meaning: Bobbora has been active in breast cancer support groups, both online and in person. And she says that in a "weird" way, her breast cancer experiences have been "enriching."

    "If I had never had breast cancer, I have no idea what I would be doing in my life right now. Maybe it would be something equally meaningful, but I kind of doubt it," she says. "There is some perspective there that some people have serious difficulties in their life that they somehow get through, and it kind of encourages me that you can get through and that people are really strong."

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