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    Medical Reference Related to Breast Cancer

    1. What Does It Mean to Have Dense Breasts?

      Should you be concerned about your breast density? Here's how this trait may affect your health.

    2. What Is a Fibroadenoma?

      These painless breast lumps, called fibroadenomas, aren’t cancer. They are also more common that you might think.

    3. Why Hormone Receptors Matter in Breast Cancer

      Why your doctor checks on your "hormone receptors" if you have breast cancer.

    4. Life With Metastatic Breast Cancer

      How to make the most out of life with metastatic breast cancer.

    5. Stage II Breast Cancer Treatment Options

      Information about stage II breast cancer treatment options.

    6. What Is Triple-Negative Breast Cancer?

      Triple-negative breast cancer is a rare type. It’s serious, but it responds well if you catch it early. Find out about the causes, symptoms, and treatments.

    7. Facts About Breast Cancer

      WebMD provides an overview of breast cancer, including types, stages, and treatment options.

    8. Understanding Breast Cancer -- Diagnosis & Treatment

      There are several treatment options for breast cancer. Learn more about them -- and how breast cancer is diagnosed -- from WebMD.

    9. Understanding Breast Cancer -- Prevention

      Are there ways to prevent breast cancer? Get the facts from WebMD.

    10. Breast Cancer and Mammogram Results

      Here's how mammograms are used to detect breast cancer and other breast abnormalities.

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