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    10 Questions to Ask Doctor About Brain Cancer

    Since you were recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, ask your doctor these questions at your next visit.

    1. What type of brain tumor do I have, and what is its grade?

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    A meningioma is a tumor that forms on membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord just inside the skull. Specifically, the tumor forms on the three layers of membranes that are called meninges. These tumors are often slow-growing. As many as 90% are benign (not cancerous). Most meningiomas occur in the brain. But they can also grow on parts of the spinal cord. Often, meningiomas cause no symptoms and require no immediate treatment. But the growth of benign meningiomas can cause serious problems...

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    2. What are the symptoms of brain cancer?

    3. What part of my brain is affected by the tumor and what does this region of the brain do?

    4. Will it be possible to surgically remove my tumor?

    5. Will I need any other treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy after surgery?

    6. What are the possible side effects of these therapies?

    7. Who might my treatment team include – and for how long will I continue to see them?

    8. What alternative therapies could help my condition?

    9. Will there be any lasting problems from this disease or its treatment?

    10. Are there any support groups in the area that I can contact?

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    Reviewed by Jennifer Robinson, MD on August 08, 2014
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