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    Looking for Doctor Right

    Where do you turn when you have cancer? Who's on your side? Building the right cancer support team is up to you.

    18 Questions to Ask Your Cancer Doctor

    1. 1.What kind of cancer do I have?
    2. 2.What are my cancer treatment options?
    3. 3.Should I make any changes to my diet or lifestyle?
    4. 4.Can you recommend another doctor for a second opinion?

    Your Cancer Care

    When Do You Need a Second Opinion?
    What if your doctor is wrong? What if something was missed? What if a new treatment is available? If you have any doubts, know when to get a second opinion.
    What Type of Cancer Specialists Do You Need?
    Cancer is complex. You may need to see several cancer specialists during your treatment. Who are these specialists -- and how do you choose one?
    10 Key Questions to Ask Your Cancer Specialists
    For the best care, ask specific questions when you meet with your oncologist, surgeon and radiation oncologist.
    Holistic Healing: Whole-Body Help to Fight Cancer
    You have a broader cancer care network than you may think. Learn how dietitians, spiritual advisors, and therapists can help you fight cancer, too.

    Choosing Your Cancer Care Hospital

    What's the Right Cancer Hospital for You?
    Do you need a hospital that specializes in cancer? Is your local hospital good enough? Here's what to look for in a good cancer care center.
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