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    Medical Reference Related to Cervical Cancer

    1. Lymphadenectomy for Endometrial Cancer

      Lymphadenectomy is surgery to remove lymph nodes.

    2. Cervical Cancer - Home Treatment

      During medical treatment for any stage of cervical cancer, you can use home treatment to help manage the side effects that may accompany cervical cancer or cancer treatment. Home treatment may be all that is needed to manage the following common problems.

    3. Cervical Cancer - Prevention

      Learn about cervical cancer and how to reduce your risk.

    4. Cervical Cancer - Health Tools

      This health tool will help you make wise health decisions or take action regarding cervical cancer.

    5. Cervical Cancer - Other Treatment

      Radiation therapy is the standard treatment for certain stages of cervical cancer and often is used in combination with surgery. Radiation therapy is the use of high-energy X-rays to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors.

    6. Cervical Cancer - Topic Overview

      Cervical cancer causes (human papillomavirus infection), symptoms (abnormal vaginal discharge and pain), diagnosis (Pap test), treatment, and prevention.

    7. Cervical Cancer - Symptoms

      Since abnormal cervical cell changes rarely cause symptoms, it is important to have regular Pap test screening. As cervical cell changes progress to cervical cancer, symptoms may develop.

    8. Cervical Cancer - Treatment Overview

      Cervical cancer detected in its early stages can be cured with treatment and close follow-up.

    9. Cervical Cancer - What Happens

      If cervical cancer is not treated, it may spread.

    10. Cervical Cancer - Cause

      Learn about cervical cancer and what causes it.

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