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    1. Fewer Pap Tests OK for Some Women

      Nov. 15, 2002 -- Pap tests save lives, but they are an invasive and often dreaded part of a trip to the doctor. Now new guidelines from the American Cancer Society might mean fewer Pap tests for many women. Deaths from cervical cancer have dropped by 70% over the last 50 years. That's largely due to

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    2. Tool Treats Cervical Cancer Side Effect

      Oct. 7, 2002 -- A common side effect of cervical cancer treatment is sexual dysfunction. But a new device can liven up the libido of a woman who has had radiation therapy for cervical cancer. While radiation is effective in treating cervical cancer, it also can cause sexual side effects. The "Eros T

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    3. HRT Protects From Endometrial Cancer

      Aug. 1, 2002 -- Amid all the concerns about hormone replacement therapy, here's a bit of reassuring news. If women have taken it as long as five years, they haven't increased their risk of developing cancer of the endometrium, which lines the uterus. In fact, the combination of estrogen plus progest

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    4. Older Women With Cervical Cancer Falling Through the Cracks

      March 14, 2001 -- Many older women who know they have cervical cancer are not receiving treatment for it -- treatment that could potentially save their lives, according to new information from the National Cancer Institute. Baffled researchers say better efforts must be made to ensure women have acc

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    5. Vaccine May Prevent Cervical Cancer

      Feb. 20, 2001 -- One day it may be possible to immunize people against a sexually transmitted virus that is the main cause of cervical cancer in women. Surprising as it sounds, researchers say now that they know that most cervical cancers are caused by the virus, they are working on ways to protect

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    6. Another Sexually Transmitted Disease Linked to Cancer of the Cervix

      Jan. 2, 2001 -- A common sexually transmitted infection may be an unrecognized cause of cancer of the cervix, the gateway to a woman's uterus. Researchers have known for some time that the sexually transmitted disease known as human papillomavirus -- or HPV -- is a factor in a significant number of

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    7. Signs of Cervical Cancer May Be Present Years Before It Develops

      June 23, 2000 -- A sexually transmitted virus that is responsible for many cases of cervical cancer can be found in a woman's body years before cancer develops. And researchers say that making tests for the human papillomavirus (HPV) part of routine cervical cancer screening can help detect these ca

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    8. Regular Pap Test a Must to Combat Cervical Cancer

      May 30, 2000 -- Elderly, single, or uninsured women are more likely than other women to have more advanced cervical cancer when they are diagnosed. This is bad news because how advanced a cancer is when it is first diagnosed has a lot to do with how likely you will recover. "Clearly, these women nee

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    9. New Test for Cervical Cancer Allows Women to Gather Tissue Samples Themselves

      Jan. 4, 2000 (New York) -- Two new studies appearing in the Jan. 5 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association conclude that human papilloma virus (HPV) DNA testing is as effective as a Pap smear for identifying women with a high likelihood of developing cervical cancer and should be us

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    10. Commentary: New Tests for Cervical Cancer Unwarranted

      Nov. 17, 1999 (Atlanta) -- New tests promising increased accuracy of Pap smear laboratory analysis have not been backed up by rigorous science and could be misleading the public, according to an analysis of previous research studies published in a recent issue of the medical journal Obstetrics and G

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