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    What Can I Do to Prevent Cancer?

    Lifestyle Changes continued...

    "Limit red meat, especially processed meat. Save bacon for special occasions, if you eat it at all," Hamrick says. Processed meats, like deli meats, hams, and hot dogs, may be linked to colorectal and stomach cancer.

    Try not to char your food. You want to cook it enough to kill germs, but frying, broiling, or grilling at high temperatures may bump up your cancer risk. Instead, try braising, steaming, or poaching.

    You may have heard that supplements like selenium and vitamin E can cut your risk. But there isn't enough evidence to suggest it's true. Some supplements may even increase your risk.

    Exercise. The more you move, the better. It may lower your chances of getting breast, colon, endometrium, prostate, and other cancers.

    Swim, jog, walk, or do anything that gets you moving. If you're starting out, try walking. "It's inexpensive, time-efficient, and can be done with others," Hamrick says.

    Aim for 150 minutes or more every week.

    Cut back on how much you sit, lie around, and watch TV.

    Don't drink too much alcohol. It's been linked to mouth, voice box, throat, liver, breast, and colon cancer.

    You don't have to avoid it altogether. Think moderation. Stick to one drink a day if you're a woman, two if you're a man.

    All these things may lower your risk, but they're not a guarantee. So far we don't have a 100% way to prevent cancer.

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    Reviewed on May 24, 2016

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