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Q&A With Chandra Wilson

Actor Chandra Wilson talks about breast cancer, Denim Day, and her personal health philosophy.

What healthy habits are you pursuing and trying to teach your kids, who are aged 15, 13, and 2?

I’d love to say that I’ve made a 180-degree turn and gone from night to day, but we’re making progress. We tried going cold turkey with things like healthy foods, and the kids acted like they were starving to death. It has to be baby steps -- I’ve had to wean them. Now they do fine with fruit and vegetables and yogurt. We’ve been experimenting with smoothies, and everyone likes apple slices, so we do those with a little peanut butter. And we’re drinking a lot of water and cutting out most sodas and juices, except orange juice and grapefruit juice for breakfast.

What’s your favorite part of your body?

That’s a fantastic question! What makes me happy? I have nice hands. I like them a lot. I have nails, and for a small person, my fingers are kind of long. They present well -- they wear jewelry real nice, you know what I’m saying? They can wear a ring.

You’re now 39. How do you feel about aging?

Bring it on! The word is that you get better and smarter and wiser with every year, so I’m like, c’mon, let’s get to that part. I’m looking forward to 40. Oprah says 50 is better, so I’m trying to get there.

Which was more challenging, your TV pregnancy or your real-life pregnancies?

I was very fortunate to have really nice pregnancies. Aside from having C-sections, the actual pregnancies weren’t so bad. Consistently, around the seventh month, my nose would spread 2 inches, my lips would grow, and my hands would swell, but they were uneventful pregnancies and I really enjoyed being pregnant. But strapping on the belly -- that was kind of crazy, and it moved around all the time. So I’d have to say the TV pregnancy was harder.

How do you relax?

I love to watch soap operas. But really, it’s just about finding time to breathe. I go and have a seat for just five minutes, breathe, and remember how fortunate and grateful and thankful I am. I never want to lose that part of the deal.

Is that your personal health philosophy?

Thankfulness? Yes. Attitude is a good 50% of the battle, and the rest is all the medical and the technical and whatever else you have to do.

Reviewed on August 08, 2008

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