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    1. Doctor's Breast Exam

      Learn what to expect from a doctor's breast exam.

    2. Breast Cancer in Young Women

      Learn more from WebMD about breast cancer in younger women, including risk factors, screening schedules, and treatment options.

    3. Breast Cancer and Mammograms

      WebMD explains how mammograms are performed and why they're important in detecting breast cancer.

    4. Breast Cancer Detection

      How would you know if you had breast cancer? Learn more from WebMD about breast cancer detection.

    5. Breast Cancer Screening and Detection

      Learn more from WebMD about mammograms, breast self-exams, and other breast cancer screening and detection tools, including when they should be performed.

    6. 5 Curable Cancers

      For some types of cancer, there’s greater hope for recovery after treatment.

    7. How to Prepare for a Colonoscopy

      Don’t avoid a colonoscopy because you’re worried about the preparation. Learn what to expect and how to get ready.

    8. What Is Penile Cancer?

      Learn the symptoms and treatments for cancer of the penis.

    9. Protecting Your Body When You Have Bone Metastasis

      If you have bone metases (or "bone mets"), learn more from WebMD about treatment and lifestyle changes that can help reduce the risk of fractures and improve your quality of life.

    10. Common Cancers That Metastasize to the Bones

      Learn more from WebMD about cancers that are most likely to metastasize to the bones, what happens when they do, and treatments for bone metastases.

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