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    1. Ways Dogs Ease Cancer Treatment

      Therapy dogs help with cancer treatment.

    2. Renal Cell Carcinoma

      The causes, symptoms, and treatment of renal cell carcinoma, the most common type of kidney cancer.

    3. Brain Cancer and Gliomas

      Learn all about the symptoms, prognosis, and treatment of malignant glioma, a broad category of brain and spinal cord tumors.

    4. What Is Astrocytoma?

      There are several types of astrocytoma, a brain cancer. Learn about them and how they are treated.

    5. How Do I Take Chemotherapy Drugs?

      How will you take your chemotherapy drugs: as pills, shots, creams, IVs?

    6. How Chemotherapy Works

      Learn about the different types of chemotherapy drugs and how they fight cancer.

    7. Questions for Your Doctor About Chemotherapy Side Effects

      Take this list of questions to your next appointment to get all the facts about chemo side effects.

    8. Colorectal Cancer: Finding Help

      WebMD provides resources to find help for colorectal cancer.

    9. Life With Metastatic Breast Cancer

      How to make the most out of life with metastatic breast cancer.

    10. What Is Bone Cancer?

      There are many types of bone cancer. Find out what they are and the different types of treatments.

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