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    Stem cell transplants offer unique possibilities for treating multiple myeloma, non- Hodgkin's lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma, leukemia, and other disorders. You and your doctor will decide if a stem cell transplant is right for your particular type and stage of cancer. Here are 12 important questions you may want to ask:

    1. Is stem cell transplantation a good choice for me?

    Ask your doctor where you are in the treatment process and what typical next steps may be. For multiple myeloma and some relapsed non-Hodgkin's lymphomas, a stem cell transplant using your own cells is now the treatment of choice. For some fast-growing cancers, or if a transplant with your own stem cells has failed, donor stem cell transplants are a good option.

    2. What are the risks and benefits of the different types of stem cell transplants?

    If you are using your own stem cells, you need to know how healthy they are and what your chances are of a good outcome. If you will need donor cells, you have to consider how and where you will find a good match. Your doctor can also tell you about the possibilities of your body rejecting or reacting against donor stem cells, and potential treatments.

    3. How many of these procedures has your team done?

    Make sure that the hospital you are considering is a stem cell transplant center, and that both your doctor and other team members are experienced.

    4. If I am using my own stem cells, how will I feel after my cells are harvested?

    Your doctor can tell you what to expect. Some people have flu-like symptoms from the medicines given before their blood is drawn.

    5. Where will we find a donor or umbilical cord blood if we need to?

    Ask how the hospital finds a match and how long the search typically takes.

    6. Would I be in the hospital or would this be outpatient?

    Many patients using their own cells can recover at home with proper precautions. Your doctor can tell you whether this is a possibility for you. Patients using donor cells will be in the hospital for several weeks.