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Kaposi Sarcoma Treatment (PDQ®): Treatment - Health Professional Information [NCI] - General Information About Kaposi Sarcoma


Eventually, most patients with epidemic KS develop disseminated disease. The disease often progresses in an orderly fashion from a few localized or widespread mucocutaneous lesions to more numerous lesions and generalized skin disease with lymph node, gastrointestinal tract disease, and other organ involvement. Pleuropulmonary KS is an ominous sign usually occurring late in the course of the disease, especially in those patients whose death is directly attributed to KS.[27] Most patients with epidemic KS die of one or more complicating opportunistic infections.

Nonepidemic Gay–Related Kaposi Sarcoma

Several reports documented KS in homosexual men who persistently had no evidence of HIV infection. These patients had an indolent and cutaneous form of the disease, which caused new lesions to appear every few years. Lesions occur most commonly on the extremities and genitalia but can occur anywhere on the skin.[1] These cases may indicate the presence of causal factors other than HIV that homosexual men may be exposed to because of their lifestyle.


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