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Easy Steps to Your Child's Nutrition

Parents’ Potluck: Tips on Raising Healthy Kids

Top parenting tips from WebMD members.

6. How can you take your kids grocery shopping without going bonkers?

  • I do my best to have a list arranged by aisles in the store, and to have my coupons in the order of the aisles -- anything to avoid extra time at the store.  
    -- Kats8P
  • Snacks!
    -- sandiegogirl22
  • I use an online grocery delivery service.
    -- Iocasta
  • I go straight to the toy aisle and get my son a toy. Then I put it back at the end of the trip -- when he's not looking!
    -- sahmommyof1
  • I collect a bunch of twist ties in the fruit and vegetables section.  The boys make them into monsters and vehicles and play with those while we shop.
    -- JLinsky
  • I love shopping with my kids. They read labels and compare prices. I teach them how to pick nice produce and meat, and how to check expiration dates. People who have problems shopping with their kids should raise their expectations and start teaching their kids more about it.
    -- lilacs4me
  • I leave my daughter with her Dad. 
    -- vtkdawso

7. When you’re on the go, is eating healthy possible – even at a fast food restaurant?

  • We take apples and bananas, crackers, cheese cut into cubes, diced ham, grape tomatoes, and water. We travel a lot, so we've tested just about everything.  We want healthy, not too messy, and agreeable with tummies in the car.
    -- bovinebaby
  • [In fast food restaurants], instead of fries ... lots of times my daughter will ask for a salad with apple slices.
    -- doubletroublesma
  • I bring snacks, but when we're traveling, there is enough other stuff to plan out. I don't sweat a few meals at McDonald's in order to bring down the stress level and make our trip more fun!
     -- vtkdawso
  • Sandwiches, peanut butter and crackers, fruit, veggie sticks, nuts, and cottage cheese cups. The more protein, the better satisfied the kids are.  If all they eat is empty-calorie foods, they're hungry all the time.
    -- treyna
  • When we do stop for fast food, it's such a rare event that no effort is made to make the experience healthier -- if my kids want fries, then they shall have them!
    -- FunnyCoolLady

We’d like to thank all the WebMD readers who responded for their excellent advice.  If you have any other suggestions, go ahead and post them on the WebMD Parenting Message Boards.


Reviewed on February 06, 2008
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