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Your Children's Health: Kids & Exercise

Child's Play: The ABCs of Fit Kids
Schools are cutting recess, even PE. Is your child getting enough exercise? Get the whole family moving: These quick steps make it as easy as ABC.

Eating Right: Tips for Your Children's Health

Healthy School Lunches Kids Will Actually Eat!
Making another school lunch for the kids? Quit staring into the fridge! Banish brown-bag boredom with these kid-approved, nutritious lunch ideas -- today!
Healthy Snacks for Kids on the Go
Snacking is good for kids! You can boost mood and motivation, with nutritious nibbles. These six snack tips can keep you -- and the kids -- going strong.
10 Family Dinner Shortcuts
When families dine together, they eat better. Discover how everyone benefits from family dinners -- and get ten quick tips for dishing up dinner to boot!

Family, Food, and Your Children's Health

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