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    Baby Care Products: Making Small Steps

    Thinking about what's in your baby's skin and hair care products makes sense, but you don't need to become obsessive, researching the implications of every ingredient in every single baby shampoo, soap, and skin care product -- not to mention detergent, toy, teether, food, sunscreen, and piece of clothing.

    "You're not a biochemist," says Karp. "Even doctors get confused by this stuff." You can't be expected to figure this all out on your own.

    Remember also that avoiding products with chemical additives is not a medical necessity. We don't really know if they have health effects or what health these effects may be. It's just that some parents choose to take extra precautions in case they are.

    Karp stresses that preventing exposure to chemicals doesn't require massive changes to your life.

    "No one can do everything to reduce their child's exposure to these substances," says Karp. "But everyone can do something." Added up, and over time, little changes might make a difference.

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