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    Other Tips for Avoiding VOCs and Ozone

    • Watch outdoor ozone levels. Outdoor ozone can be a real problem for some kids. Many communities issue "ozone alerts" when levels are dangerously high. On hot summer days with high ozone, it might be best to keep a child with allergies or asthma indoors.
    • Choose air purifiers carefully. Some air purifiers "clean" the air by emitting a lot of ozone into your house. California has banned these devices because of their health risks, but they're still widely available elsewhere. While all air cleaners give off small amounts of ozone, check with the manufacturer to make sure that any air cleaner system has an acceptable level of ozone byproduct.
    • Ventilate. Remember, it's not just the VOCs and ozone -- it's the concentration of the gases. When you're using any product that might give off VOCs, make sure that you open the window, Lunder says. If you have sources of VOCs in the home that you can't easily remove, use fans and keep a window cracked open to keep air circulating throughout the house.

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