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    Bedwetting in Children

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    How Can I Help the Doctor Solve my Child's Bedwetting?

    To help solve your child's bedwetting, be a good detective at home. Be prepared to answer these questions:

    • Is there a family history of bedwetting?
    • Do certain conditions or foods and drinks trigger more bedwetting episodes?
    • Are there any unusual symptoms such as bloody urine?

    What Happens Next to Treat Bedwetting?

    Your pediatrician may order urine tests to see if there is a urinary tract infection, which can trigger bedwetting. The doctor may also request other tests to check the health of your child's urinary tract system.

    What Else Can Be Done About Bedwetting in Children?

    To reduce bedwetting, your pediatrician may suggest a variety of measures such as the following:

    • Limit fluids before bedtime.
    • Use an alarm device that wakes up the child as soon as wetness is detected. This is "conditioning training," which, if used steadily and consistently for three to four months, appears to work at least 75% of the time. The devices are inexpensive and readily available and should be tried before any medications.
    • Try prescription medication that forces the body to make less urine at night. Normally, this isn't an option until the child is at least 7 years of age and other methods have failed.

    How Can I Help my Child During Bedwetting Treatment?

    Assure your child that bedwetting in children is common. It's nothing to be ashamed of and almost all children eventually outgrow it. Make sure siblings understand this as well. Don't allow them to tease the bedwetter.

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