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    A Safe Backyard for Kids


    Pool & Spa Hazards for Children

    Drowning is a leading cause of death to children under age 5. And many drownings occur at home. Take these simple precautions:

    • Always supervise children who are in and around a pool or spa. And infants and toddlers should  never be in the pool without an adult in the pool with them.
    • Have fences or walls at least four feet high completely around the pool. Gates should be self-closing and self-latching, open outwards, with latches out of reach of children.
    • Fences should be clear of objects that a child could use to climb over fence, such as BBQ grills and lawn chairs.
    • Keep rescue equipment by the pool, including a portable or mobile telephone.
    • Steps and ladders for aboveground pools should be secured or removed when the pool is not in use. Toys should also be kept away from the pool when they are not in use.
    • Use a cover for the pool when it is not in use.
    • Make sure drain covers are properly fitted and paired or have vacuum suction releases to prevent being trapped under water.
    • Consider installing a pool alarm that can alert if someone enters the pool.
    • Spa water temperatures should be set to 104 F or lower to avoid elevated body temperature, which could lead to drowsiness, unconsciousness, heat stroke, or death.




    WebMD Medical Reference

    Reviewed by Renee A. Alli, MD on May 08, 2016
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