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    Injuries Prompt Evenflo High Chair Recall

    Evenflo Recalls About 733,000 Envision and Majestic High Chairs Because of Fall Risk, Choking Hazard
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    Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

    April 2, 2009 -- About 733,000 Evenflo high chairs are being recalled because of fall risk, choking hazard, and reports of injured children.

    The recall includes all Evenflo Envision high chairs and also certain models of Evenflo Majestic high chairs.

    Evenflo Envision High Chairs

    The recalled Evenflo Envision high chairs include the following model numbers: 2891321, 2891321A, 2891333, 2891351, 2891351A, 2891365, 2891375, 2891403, 2891403A, 2891466, 2891466A, 2891478, 2891536, 2891536A, 2891573, 2891586, 2892351 and 2892351A.

    The model number can be found on a white label on the seat back. “Evenflo” and “Envision” are printed on the front of the tray.

    Evenflo Envision high chairs were sold nationwide in stores, including Toys "R" Us, Babies "R" Us, K-Mart, and Burlington Coat Factory, from December 2002 through April 2006.

    The reason for the recall: Recline fasteners and metal screws on both sides of the high chair can loosen and fall out, allowing the seat back to detach or recline unexpectedly. Children can fall backward or fall out of the high chair, and detached hardware could pose a choking hazard to children.

    According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Evenflo has received 320 reports of Envision high chair seat backs detaching or reclining unexpectedly, resulting in 19 reports of bumps and bruises to the head and 35 reports of other injuries, including abrasions, pinches, and bruises.

    Evenflo has also received 13 reports of recline fasteners and screws falling out of Envision high chairs, resulting in one incident in which a fastener and/or screws were found in a child's hand or mouth but were removed before choking occurred.

    The recall, announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Evenflo Company Inc. of Miamisburg, Ohio, includes about 643,000 Evenflo Envision high chairs.

    The CPSC has a photo of the Envision high chair on its web site.

    Evenflo Majestic High Chairs

    Evenflo is also nearly doubling its Evenflo Majestic high chairs recall, which began last year.

    In December 2008, Evenflo recalled 90,000 Majestic high chairs because of fall risk.

    Evenflo has now expanded that recall to include about 90,000 more Majestic high chairs, including the following model numbers: 3001395, 3001395A, 3001604, 3001700, 3001713, 3001713A, 3001730A, 3001732, 3001733, 3001742, 3001742A, 3001756, 3001821A, 3001840A, 3001845, 30011848, 3001852, 3001932, 3002719 and 3003845 manufactured between Jan. 23, 2007, and Dec. 31, 2008.

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