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    1. Slideshow: Remedies for Nausea and Vomiting

      WebMD has remedies for nausea and vomiting and tips on when to see a doctor. Pictures show home remedies and bust myths about treatments that don’t work.

    2. 10 Things to Know About Your Child's Sleep

      Kids need sleep to grow, learn and be fit.

    3. Slideshow: Childhood Illnesses Every Parent Should Know

      Croup, sore throat, glue ear and Kawasaki disease are among child illnesses parents must know. BootsWebMD has symptoms, pictures, and advice for when to seek medical advice.

    4. Slideshow: Kids’ School Lunches: Tips, Meal Ideas, and More

      You want your child’s school lunch to taste great and give them all the energy and nutrients they need to for a super school day -- without a lot of effort. It can be simple! WebMD shows you how.

    5. Home Remedies for Sick Children

      Children need special care when they’re sick with colds or flu. Here’s how you can take care of them at home.

    6. Slideshow: Treating and Preventing a Head Lice Infestation

      Learn how to treat a head lice infestation and how to protect your child from future lice outbreaks.

    7. Slideshow: Images of Childhood Skin Problems

      Hives, ringworm, warts: just a few skin conditions often seen in babies and children. How can you recognize these common childhood conditions -- and is home treatment possible?

    8. How to Soothe Your Child's Cold or Flu

      Does your child have the cold or flu? See how to ease your child's cold or flu. Help symptoms like cough, sore throat, and stuffiness.

    9. Slideshow: Whooping Cough and Pertussis -- Is Your Baby Protected?

      Whooping cough (pertussis) is on the rise. Can you recognize the symptoms? Is your baby protected? View this slideshow from WebMD to find out how to whip whooping cough.

    10. Slideshow: Children Sleep Problems

      Is your kid up all night? See the top reasons children can't sleep -- including you. Blame snoring, nightmares, sleep apnea, or you!

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