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Measles Vaccine Spray Could Boost Developing Countries

Vital Information:

  • South African researchers say the aerosol form of a measles booster, which they tested in more than 4,300 children, may one day be used to immunize children in developing countries.
  • The researchers say aerosol versions of the vaccine are easy for people to administer, may work as well as injected versions without the needle's risk of infection, and it is inexpensive.
  • Observers note that this aerosol vaccine may not be appropriate in the U.S. because the injected vaccines used in this trial are not those currently in widespread use in the U.S. Also, experts say it will probably be a long time before they can recommend aerosol boosters because there seem to be different rates of effectiveness according to the race of the child receiving it and which strain of vaccine is delivered.


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