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  1. Mumps Epidemic Hits Iowa

    April 4, 2006 -- Iowa is experiencing an epidemic of mumps, a viral infection usually made rare by vaccination. Iowa's public health department reports 300 confirmed, probable, or suspected cases of mumps through April 3. That's a "dramatic increase," Iowa public health officials say in a letter to

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  2. Infant-Diarrhea Vaccine: Removed From Use, but Was It Justified?

    Oct. 11, 2001 -- A vaccine to treat one of the most common causes of diarrhea in infants was pulled from the market earlier this year, but some researchers are now saying that the vaccine may have gotten a bad rap. Rotavirus causes diarrhea severe enough to put 50,000 infants in the hospital each ye

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  3. No Risk of Recurrent Seizures From Childhood Vaccines

    Aug. 29, 2001 -- Getting kids immunized is never fun, but a new study should help ease parents' fears about a side effect of some important vaccines. Some kids have fever-related seizures after childhood vaccinations. But the study shows that it's unlikely that they will go on to have developmental

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  4. Meningitis Vaccine Urged for College Freshmen

    Aug. 1, 2001 (Washington) -- College freshmen: Add a meningitis vaccine to your to-do list before packing for school this year. The death of Evan Bozof, a college student who contracted meningitis, was entirely preventable because there is a vaccine to protect against the brain-swelling illness, his

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  5. Vaccine Chokes Chickenpox

    March 29, 2001 -- It's one thing for a drug or vaccine to prove itself effective in a clinical trial, where conditions are controlled and participants carefully selected. The more important question is how will the product perform in real life? When it comes to the chickenpox vaccine, Yale Universit

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  6. Vaccinating Children Against the Flu May Help the Elderly

    March 21, 2001 -- The vast majority of the roughly 20,000 Americans who die of flu-related illnesses during a typical flu season are elderly. Now an intriguing study from Japan suggests the best way to protect the old may be to vaccinate the young. The study's authors contend that widespread flu vac

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  7. Vaccines Reduce Number of Meningitis Infections, but for How Long?

    Jan. 9, 2001 -- Bacterial meningitis, an often devastating infection resulting in inflammation of the spinal cord and the fluid surrounding the cord and the brain, can cause death, brain damage, hearing loss, severe learning disabilities, and many other potentially devastating conditions. Infants, a

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  8. New Group Targets Misinformation and Fear About Immunizations

    Oct. 30, 2000 (Chicago) -- Researchers presented data on some alarming misconceptions parents have about the benefits and risks of vaccines at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on Monday. One in four American parents thinks that childhood immunizations "actually weaken a

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  9. FDA Fines Vaccine Maker for Manufacturing Violations

    Oct. 3, 2000 (Washington) -- A maker of the flu vaccine has agreed to pay a $30 million fine for repeated violations of federal manufacturing rules -- violations that may have contributed to the recent delay in shipments of the flu vaccine to doctors' offices. Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, a division o

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  10. New Vaccines for Old Diseases

    Sept. 18, 2000 (Toronto) -- Ear infections in children, bladder infections in women, and wracking coughs among teens may soon be distant memories. New vaccines, and older vaccines adapted for teens and adults, soon will be available to fight all of these conditions, according to presentations here a

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