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  1. Measles on a Comeback

    Measles was eliminated from the U.S. in 2000. But it’s made a comeback, and we’re now facing an epidemic.

  2. Is There a Vaccine/Autism Link?

    Is there a connection between autism and childhood vaccinations?

  3. Who Is at Risk for EV-D68 or Enterovirus D68?

    Protect your infants, children, and teens from EV-D68 or Enterovirus D68.

  4. Kids and Hot Cars

    Learn the danger of leaving your child alone in a hot car.

  5. Proper Snacks for Childhood Weight Control

    Should you limit your child's snacking to manage his or her weight? Ask childhood obesity expert Dr. David Ludwig.

  6. Cleaning Kids' Rooms

    Getting kids to clean up their messes doesn’t have to make a mess of your nerves.

  7. Change How Your Body Gains Weight

    Can we change the way our body gains or loses weight?

  8. Breakfast and Childhood Obesity

    Why should you insist your child eat breakfast each day? Ask childhood obesity expert Dr. David Ludwig.

  9. Kids and Lactose Intolerance

    Lactose intolerance in children typically develops in late adolescence, although onset can be earlier. It’s rarely life threatening but can cause discomfort and affect quality of life.

  10. Most Toxic Cleaning Products

    Do you know which household cleaning products are the most hazardous to your child’s health?

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