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Your Immune System: Fact vs. Fiction

Get The Facts About Your Immune System
Will a flu shot strengthen your immune system? How does immunity change as you age – and what can you do about it? Here's how to protect your immune system.

Give Your Immune System a Tune-Up

Using Your Immune System to Stay Well
If your immune system is strong, you can fight off colds and flu. Find out how diet, exercise, sleep, and even sex can keep you healthy.
Super Foods That Increase Immunity
Are you getting enough of the top 4 antioxidants for immunity? Which foods can you add to your diet to stay well? Do you need a daily vitamin?
Immune System Boosters and Busters
What boosts immunity? What weakens it? Find out which of your habits are keeping your immune system strong and which threaten your health

How Pets and Partners Can Strengthen Immunity

The Health Benefits of Sex

Can a healthy sex life protect you from colds and other illnesses?

5 Ways Pets Can Keep You Healthy

How Fluffy or Fido can keep your immune system going strong.

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