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    Cold, Flu, & Cough Health Center

    Overview & Facts

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    Got another cold? Maybe you want to prevent catching a cold, or maybe you’re caring for someone who has a cold. We’ve got the answers you need. Become your own bodyguard. Learn natural ways to stay well — and live cold-free.

    What Is a Cold?

    Feel like you’re catching another cold? Learn more about what causes colds, what the symptoms are, how to prevent a cold, and how to treat one. Here is the latest on how to prevent colds and stay well this season.

    Does my child get too many colds? How do I know if my child has something more serious? Find out here and get some proven tips you can use to ease your child's cold symptoms. Also, get the latest safety information on children’s cold medicines.


    So what’s causing your cold anyway? We’ve got the cold hard facts. Discover the causes and remedies for your cold virus so you can have a quick recovery.

    What's Your Risk?

    Ever wonder why you catch more colds than your coworkers or friends? Find out who has the greatest chance of catching a cold. Then, take some easy steps to reduce your cold risk — starting today.


    Don’t let a nasty cold slow you down this year. Learn some of the latest ways to prevent colds so you can be active and productive every day.

    Get the real dirt on the fine art of hand washing. Discover how keeping your hands clean is one of the best ways to prevent cold germs from setting up shop in your body.

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