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Why You Cough

Know your triggers. Pinpoint the best choices for your treatment.

Over-the-Counter Medicine

Get the facts on when to use OTC cough medicine and how to use it right.

Sleep Deprived?

Relieve your nighttime cough and get the sleep you need.

Stubborn Cough?

Why your cough isn't getting better and what to do about it.

Stop Cold and Flu Germs!

How you can avoid picking up -- or handing out -- a pesky cough.

Community Insight

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Hot Topics in WebMD's Community

Find out what other people with cough symptoms are talking about. Whether you just started coughing or you’ve had a persistent cough for quite a while, you can find tips and information from other people like you.

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Cough Relief Poll

When does your cough annoy you the most?

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Types of Coughs

What are the different types of coughs?

Home Remedies for Coughs

Are home remedies useful when treating a cough?

Persistent Cough

Why do I have this persistent cough?