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    A WebMD Community member has a question about home cough treatments. After struggling with a cough and sore throat for a month, his symptoms finally got better after he started taking cough drops and gargling with hydrogen peroxide. So he wants expert advice: Which one soothed his symptoms? The cough drops or the hydrogen peroxide?

    Probably neither, says WebMD guest expert Rod Moser, PA, PhD. Instead, his body is likely getting over the infection on its own. Viruses usually last a week or so. Why did the member’s symptoms last so long? Moser suspects he may have had a few different viruses that overlapped.

    Cough drops may help a bit with cough symptoms, Moser says. But he doesn’t recommend gargling with hydrogen peroxide. It can actually damage sensitive tissue.

    What home remedies have you tried for cough? What’s worked and what hasn’t?

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