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    Ear Problems and Injuries, Age 11 and Younger - Preparing For Your Appointment

    To prepare for your appointment, see the topic Making the Most of Your Appointment.

    If you have made an appointment with your child's doctor, you can help your doctor diagnose and treat your child's condition by being prepared to answer the following questions:

    • Did your child have an injury to the ear? If so, describe when and how the injury occurred.
    • When did the pain start?
    • Has the pain been constant or does it come and go?
    • Does anything make the pain better or worse?
    • What symptoms make you think your child is having ear pain?
    • Has your child ever been treated for an ear infection in the past? If so:
      • How long ago was he or she treated?
      • What medicine did you use?
      • Did your child finish all of the medicine?
      • Did you have a follow-up checkup after the medicine was finished?
    • Does your child have ear tubes in place?
    • Does your child have other symptoms, such as fever, a runny nose, a cough, or congestion? If so, how long have these symptoms been present?
    • What immunizations has your child had?
    • What home treatment measures have you used? Be sure to include nonprescription medicines you have given your child.
    • Do you suspect a hearing problem? Describe the hearing problems you have noticed. How did your child respond to sounds before and after you noticed the problem?
    • Does your child wear hearing aids?
    • Does your child have any health risks?

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    Last Updated: June 04, 2014
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