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    Covering Up Cold and Flu Symptoms: Beauty Tips

    If you've got to look great despite your cold and flu symptoms, these beauty secrets will save the day.

    Cold and Flu Symptoms: Cold Sores and Chapped Lips continued...

    "It has vitamins A and E and SPF 20, to keep lips from cracking and shield them from harmful UVA and UVB rays," he says. Other lip-conditioning treatments include SwabPlus, ChapStick Overnight Lip Treatment, and Aveeno Lip Conditioner.

    To help head off a cold sore, Zugerman says, be on the lookout for early signs, which can include itching, tingling, and a warm sensation in the area where a blister will erupt -- usually within 24 hours.

    If this occurs, he says, reach for a medicated lip product like Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment, and apply it liberally up to four times a day. "The penetrating analgesic properties will offer pain relief, while the moisturizing properties soften and prevent further cracking," he says.

    Those with recurrent flare-ups of cold sores may benefit from antiviral medication at the first symptoms that a cold sore is coming.

    And what if, despite your best efforts, the cold sore appears? Marion Simms, director of SkinSense Wellness Center in Los Angeles, recommends mixing together a drop or two of tea tree oil and myrrh and applying it to the blister.

    "I've found cold sores respond really well to this combination," she says.

    Cold and Flu Symptoms: The Great Disguise

    When it comes to cold and flu symptoms, the one advantage women have over men is that cosmetics can hide a multitude of sins -- including making you look absolutely fabulous when you are feeling absolutely awful.

    And while some of your regular makeup techniques will work just fine while you have a cold, Maron says, there are a few special tricks you should keep in mind.

    "First, always use a moisturizer to help smooth the skin and minimize chafing," he says. Because your complexion can be slightly dehydrated when you're sick, it can dry out and chafe more easily from wind and cold. So, he says, don't skip this step.

    Another tip: Go easier on foundation and powder. “Your skin needs to breathe more, and you'll feel more comfortable with less heavy makeup," says Maron.

    Dickerson agrees. "When you have a cold you probably are dehydrated, so heavy makeup is just going to look cakey," she says.

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