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  1. Bird Flu: 10 Questions, 10 Answers

    WebMD answers 10 common questions about bird flu. 1. Is a bird flu pandemic imminent? Short answer: probably not. But there are many unknowns involved, making accurate prediction impossible. Sooner or later, pandemic flu will happen. Flu pandemics sweep the globe from time to time as new flu bugs em

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  2. How to Short-Circuit a Cold -- Maybe

    The hottest cold remedy on the shelves is Airborne, a tablet-in-water "effervescent" concoction consisting of antioxidants, electrolytes, amino acids, vitamin C, and seven herbs. Legend has it that this was invented by a second-grade teacher who found the perfect formula for warding off the ailments

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  3. How to Fend Off the Flu

    With flu season upon us, we all need to be vigilant about taking good care of ourselves to boost our immunity and avoid getting sick. An ounce of prevention could be worth a week's time in the sickbed!

  4. Flu Shot Scare Fuels Scams

    No flu shot for you? Don't panic. Vitamins, herbs, walnuts, and raw garlic can ward off the flu virus, some say. A few chiropractors even promise to boost immunity with an adjustment. But what works? Very little of it, doctors say. In fact, "people who trade on other people's misery and fear are cha

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  5. How to Dodge the Flu Without a Shot

    First the bad news: This year's news that flu shot shortage has left millions of Americans in the cold looking for ways to dodge the illness. The good news is that for many of us, there are available alternatives to standing in long lines or paying exorbitant prices to get the flu shot, such as good

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  6. Flu Etiquette

    Horrors! Uncle Jimmy is here for the holidays -- and he's come down with the flu. What should we do? Relax. Flu-Etiquette Man is here to help you avoid catching -- or spreading -- the flu. Dear Flu-Etiquette Man, It's too late to tell Uncle Jimmy to stay home. What can we do to keep him from giving

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  7. Honing in on Cold Remedies

    If you've got a cold, what should you take? Purveyors of alternative medicine offer a dazzling array of choices -- but only a few have science behind them. In this, the first of a three-part series on cold remedies, we'll look at herbs. What is it about the common cold that makes it so tough to beat

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  8. Tips for Treating Cold and Flu

    Tips for Treating Cold and Flu

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