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  1. The Best Prep for Bird Flu

    Ever hear the amusing expression, "So much as been written about everything, it's hard to find anything out about it?" This certainly applies to H5N1, avian flu , bird flu , or whatever you want to call it. Naturalists are eyeing the migratory birds overhead and scientists are counting the human cas

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  2. Germ Warfare: Common Cold & Flu Culprits

    Spreading the flu isn't quite the same as spreading New Year's cheer. The dastardly duo -- cold and flu -- are back, and they're hiding everywhere, from the shopping mall to your doctor's tie to the telephone. For some of us, these seasonal sicknesses are already nesting in our lungs and sinuses and

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  3. Winter Health Woes­—Solved!

    By Karen Asp Everyone wants to get into the holiday spirit. But spending too much time at the buffet and bar at parties, stressing out about finding the perfect gifts, and skimping on sleep and exercise can weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to a grab bag of winter illnesses. Her

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  4. Planes, Trains, and …Germs?

    Wherever you go, however you get there, you always have traveling companions -- germs. Will these fellow travelers make you sick? That depends partly on luck, experts say. But you can do a lot to protect yourself. The modes of transportation most often blamed for spreading disease are airplanes, cru

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  5. Avian Flu: 10 Questions, 10 Answers

    Bird flu: What can you do? WebMD answers 10 common questions about bird flu. Short answer: probably not. But there are many unknowns involved, making accurate prediction impossible. Sooner or later, pandemic flu will happen. Flu pandemics sweep the globe from time to time as new flu bugs emerge. The

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  6. Bird Watch

    After several years of educating myself so that I could answer anxious questions from my patients about nerve gas, anthrax, swine flu, mad cow disease, West Nile virus, SARS, and now bird flu, I find myself thinking wistfully back to 1963 when, as a 10-year-old, all I had to worry about was total nu

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  7. Beyond the Flu and Bird Flu

    Turn on the evening news and you are bound to hear about the bird flu and how it's en route to the U.S., and when the anchorman is not forecasting such a pandemic, it's the regular flu that ends up in the spotlight. But every year, a legion of nameless, faceless germy villains stalk children and adu

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  8. What Is a Pandemic?

    "Pandemic flu" has been one of the buzzwords of late 2005. But how does the phrase that's on everyone's lips differ from "epidemic," that other well-worn disease term? Apparently, a lot of people aren't sure. Merriam-Webster reports that "pandemic" is the seventh most frequently looked-up word in it

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  9. Bird Flu Woes: Flying This Way?

    As soon as next summer, the wings of wild birds may carry Asia's deadly bird flu to America. What would it mean? Like so much about bird flu, it's not entirely clear. It certainly wouldn't be good news. But it just as certainly won't mean that a deadly human epidemic is imminent, says Christopher Br

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  10. Using Your Immune System to Stay Well

    You and a friend step into a crowded elevator and immediately notice two people coughing and sneezing up a storm. Within a couple of days you come down with a bad cold -- and blame it on that elevator ride. Yet your friend -- exposed to the same germs at the same time -- remains perfectly healthy. W

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